Event Organization

Organizing PICA 2021

Towards a new generation of Personalized Intelligent Conversational Agents (PICA)

Workshop Description:

The PICA workshop focuses on both long-term engaging spoken dialogue systems and text-based chatbots, as well as conversational recommender systems. Papers can be about different approaches to this: (pilot) evaluations, design guidelines, personalization, natural language processing, protection of privacy and (health) data, (cognitive) architectures and frameworks, implementations, context analyses. We are also very interested in studies on the effectiveness of behaviour change support systems and changing health related behaviour (such as quit smoking, lose weight, etc.). The main goal of the workshop is to stimulate discussion around problems, challenges, possible solutions and research directions regarding the exploitation of NLP and ML techniques to learn user features and use them to personalize the dialogue in the next generation of intelligent conversational agents.

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The paper

Hendrickx, I., Cena, F., Basar, E., Di Caro, L., Kunneman, F., Musi, E., Musto, C., Rapp, A. & van Waterschoot, J. (2021). Towards a New Generation of Personalized Intelligent Conversational Agents. In 29th ACM Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization, UMAP 2021.