Chatbot details example

Idea: Each (selected) chatbot design should have its own page for us to share details on it.

Section 1: Title

Given name of the chatbot. E.g. “Smoking cessation bot version 1” (but hopefully more creative and catchy)

Section 2: Descriptions

Contains a body of text that introduces the chatbot. Summarizes what it does, the purpose of it, our research with it etc. 

Section 3: Features 

Summarizes the capabilities of the chatbot as a list.

Section 4: Approaches

Summarizes the approaches used to create the chatbot. The section can contain both the computational approach (e.g. used natural language processing methods) and the communication science approach (e.g. used motivational interviewing techniques).

Section 5: Publications

Shows the list of publications that this particular chatbot was developed and/or used.

Section 6: Demo

Contains an interactive demo where the users can just speak to the bot. This should be done via web widget interactions

Section 7: Relevant links

Displays the links relevant to the chatbot. These can include other integrations of the chatbot such as WhatsApp, Telegram, or another mobile app as well as a link to the source code repository.